About Me

Hi! I’m Bibhash Bhaduri.Thanks for stopping by.

Allow me to share my profile in brief. Some of the informations might interest you and you might be keen to learn more about them. In that case, you’re most welcome to contact me directly and separately by email. This blog will be exclusively used for investor’s psychology and solutions.

I’m 64 years of age domiciled in the holy city of Varanasi in India. My professional background is in marketing. I have served pharmaceutical and FMCG industries for about 35 years starting from grassroots right up to the functional head.

During my professional career I had also been actively involved in Training, Recruitment and Manpower Development. The profession gave me ample opportunities to travel widely in India and interact with people from different social backgrounds.

After retirement I have kept myself busy with some consultancy services related with my professional background and training young people in Soft Skills. I’m also a member of German Consultancy House who promote Indo-German trade relations.

On principle I keep my learning process alive and active. I have close association with senior and reputed Financial Advisors and keep myself abreast with the changing investment scenario. I also try to participate in the digital world at different social platforms and keep myself updated with futuristic activities. Music, rendition and writing short stories are some of the hobbies in which I indulge.

I am looking for opportunities in copywriting, content writing and affiliate marketing.

Working for a social cause had always been my desire and through this blog I intend to serve the Financial Advisors to understand the  psyche of investors better while on the other hand help the investors to develop a clearer investment objective.

I humbly seek your comments and sharing which would help me to strengthen my endeavor.

Thank you.