Yes, Poonji Nivesh (पूँजी निवेश) in India had always been a serious domestic story in every section of society. India’s growth story and specially the emerging middle class, the youth power, the start -ups, the arrival of global multinationals in almost every sector; have made Poonji Nivesh an even more critical and serious issue for the Indian citizens.

In order to encash upon and give directions to this success story, AMC’s and Financial Institutions of India and abroad have established their strong network to cater to  the various needs of society.

For control and transparency, govt agencies and financial regulators have framed a set of laws to check and balance frauds and irregularities. And  these set of laws are naturally in accordance with international laws. Timely reviews and amendments are also made whenever felt necessary.

Multiple investment options to cater to various financial needs have been introduced. This has given rise to a new breed of professionals called Financial Advisors who are qualified and licensed to provide different types of financial and investment advisory services.

As a result of above factors, the story of Poonji Nivesh in India has become not only interesting but also a bit aggressive and complicated. पूँजी निवेश करना है यह तो पता है पर कहाँ, क्यों, कितना और कैसे यह एक गंभीर विषय बन गया है। Experts के समझाने के बावजूद…बात कुछ समझ में नहीं आती!?! 😇🤔

With my past experience in marketing and my close association with leading experts of this sector, I have identified few basic, interesting and important things related with the psychology of the (Indian) investors.

These are first hand observations which I am going to share in my subsequent posts. If you’re an investor yourself then you might identify yourself with any of the groups of my analysis or if you’re a professional in the field of Financial Advisory Services then my analysis will help you to better understand your target audience.

Till then Welcome once again and thank you very much for your interest.

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